Apextech addresses the sound principles of resource management through the depth of experience in supporting cradle-to-grave concepts of the OSD Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) lifecycle. These concepts include requirements development, budget development, budget execution and budget tracking and reconciliation. Many of the facets of this process are applicable to other Federal and state agencies as well so scalability and transportability become important considerations as well.

Apextech resource management


The Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process is critical to the allocation of resources within the Department of Defense (DoD) and is equally important in the equivalent processes of other Federal and State organizations as well. Awareness of the nature and timing of the events in that process are important for program managers, their staffs and other resource professionals since it impacts their ability to provide information that could prove important to program funding and success. Apextech possesses a unique blend of experience with this process at the departmental and service level that can be a very significant contributor to that success. Apextech supports every facet of the PPBE lifecycle:

  • Requirements development
  • Budget tracking and reconciliation
  • Budget development
  • Budget execution

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Program Objective Memorandum

While the planning process is the initial step of PPBE, the OSD Program Objective Memorandum (POM) process is the second step in that process. Since this is where the organization first identifies required funding for its programs, the initial combining of program requirements with appropriate levels of resourcing is absolutely critical to any programs ultimate chances of success and Apextech recognizes its responsibilities in providing the quality of assistance needed to achieve that success. The Apextech team addresses all the essential attention to detail in every step from accurate and timely requirements data capture, adhering to POM guidance and instructions, prioritization of program requirements, articulation and defense of those requirements as well as unfinanced requirements, and successful defense of funding.

Business Financial Management Support

We support the business financial management community in financial planning and analysis, formulating financial programs, developing and administering budgets, resource planning, task planning, budget execution, document preparation, cost estimating, cost and schedule performance management and financial document reconciliation. Apextech supports financial managers in their wide range of functional responsibilities.

Executive Business Financial Manager

Apextech supports our clients in assessing the actual performance against planned performance. We develop metrics to track the obligation and expenditures from program budgets and plans. We assist our program’s in adjusting resources to achieve the desired performance and save program funding. Apextech blends methodologies and technologies for our customers to sustain the management of information for utilization in executive and program office decision making processes. The management of this information will promote the ability to “deep dive” or initiate executive “dashboard” summary level formats in any environment.

Fee for Service

In its most generic context, fee-for-service is a standard business model where services are unbundled and paid for separately. Business units known as providers sell goods or services to “customers” with the intent of recovering the costs incurred in providing those goods and services. This customer-provider relationship is designed to make managers and decision-makers at all levels more concerned with the costs of those goods and services. Apextech has extensive experience in the establishment and operation of fee for service organizations ranging from those operating completely within a Federal agency to ones crossing agency boundaries. We have worked with formal Working Capital Funds (WCF) chartered by Congress as well as those working strictly on an internal agency reimbursable order basis.