Seaport-e LogoApextech is an established SeaPort-e Small Business. Apextech was recently awarded a new SeaPort-e contract in November 2013. Under this contract industry partners are able to obtain access to our numerous capabilities in a number of business concerns, including:

• Systems integration
• Business analytics
• Financial resource management
• Administrative and clerical
• Project and program management

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To learn more about our capabilities, please contact:

Steve Ferraro
C: 571-228-0949
W: 703-253-9722

Management approach

In our mission to help good organizations work better, Apextech pays particular attention to industry best practices – methods employed within the private sector to encourage innovation. We nurture business concepts that are particularly relevant to NAVSEA procurements. There are innovative practices that our personnel have introduced in a proactive manner to their customer environments. This practice has allowed Apextech’s customers to save resources and better focus on their mission.
Apextech introduces automation wherever possible to reduce human intervention, which results in faster, more accurate information to the customer. Through this proactive approach, we help our customers save time and money.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is an integral part of our management process. Because we believe that quality assurance is such a significant element in the delivery of superior products and services, Apextech ensures that key personnel at the very highest levels of management are made available to the customer.
Apextech’s control procedures specify formal quality checks of plans, outlines, documents, software products, processes and procedures. In maintaining quality assurance standards, we recognize the interaction of several factors:

• Quality of personnel assigned to the project
• Control of each work activity
• Detection and elimination of all problems through ongoing reviews
• Quality assurance of products through periodic reviews

Apextech is committed to maintaining projects on schedule and within budget. To ensure that quality is not compromised, we:

• Plan for product review and revision during initial development of tasks
• As necessary, multi-tiered internal reviews and approvals of products and deliverables prior to release
• Swift alignment and correction practices applied to deliverable quality, if necessary

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