Apextech is a government and commercial consulting firm that helps organizations achieve their goals. Let us maximize your success with our suite of business services.


Constantly emerging security threats require dedicated attention and special expertise. Our cybersecurity team is equipped with extensive experience and leading industry certifications to help organizations maintain secure systems.


Apextech provides customized services to address NGOs’ needs, including cybersecurity, data analytics, contract and grant reporting, cloud computing, field accounting data consolidation and SharePoint collaboration.


Data analytics systems enable you to access and analyze information to improve decisions and optimize performance. Apextech can integrate multiple data sources for an in-depth view of organizational data.


Apextech provides information management consulting services with a focus on portals/collaboration, financial systems, business intelligence, enterprise mashups, data integration and web application development.


Apextech supports cradle-to-grave concepts of the OSD Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) lifecycle including requirements development and budget development, execution, tracking and reconciliation.


Using different tools like interviews and online surveys, we explore the “diagnostics” associated with a particular organization. Apextech also utilizes industry standard assessments to work with individual leaders.

Team Army ROTC

We are actively recruiting for Army Retired, Reserve, National Guard, IRR Officers and NCOs, and those leaders separated honorably within five years into ROTC units at colleges and universities across the United States. Contracted positions include Senior Military Science Instructors (SMSI) and Military Science Instructors (MSI). We are currently looking for dedicated, experienced professionals who want to share their experience with the next generation of military leaders.