Data analytics

Data analytics systems enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance. Capabilities exist that allow for easy and flexible user interaction with data thus reducing the dependence on IT resources for reporting and analysis. Multiple sources of data can be integrated to provide a comprehensive view of data maintained within an organization. Our data analytics services include project management, requirements gathering, data-warehouse/data-mart developing, reporting, dashboards, Power View, Power BI, OLAP development, data-mining, integration of multiple data sources, testing, training and documentation. We have experience using the following software: Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SAP Business Objects, Tableau, Oracle BI and Tableau.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
SSAS is a solution that can put the necessary information in the hands of the users to facilitate analysis and reporting using a familiar and intuitive front-end, such as Microsoft Excel or Sharepoint to browse financial, program, marketing, logistics, human resources or any type of data that relates to business performance. SSAS provides users with the ability to perform ad-hoc analysis by slicing and dicing into relevant business data in Excel or other visualization tools. Data from various silos can be brought together in a manner that is seamless to the user. Common data elements among the silos of data are used to link the information.


Connect with employees across the enterprise – use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas and reinvent the way you work together. Information sharing, document management, collaboration, and reporting needs can easily be addressed through the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint. Apextech recommends, integrates and implements SharePoint 2010/2013 on premise, in the cloud in Office 365 to improve workplace efficiency. We also integrate SharePoint with back office systems to provide application, reporting, dashboards and data access to many users through a familiar interface. Enhanced data visualization can be provided through Power View and Power BI. Enterprise-wide search capabilities exist to improve access to information. Personalized content delivery can also minimize information over-load. This service consists of project management, requirements gathering, system installation, integration, migration, upgrade, customization, setup, process definition, testing, training and documentation.

Information Process Analysis

Managing information in today’s business environment can be challenging and complex. Many organizations struggle with incompatible systems, the duplication of efforts and the inability of staff to access relevant information. Apextech can introduce workplace efficiencies through the identification of organizational information flow, the discovery of information repositories, uncovering bottlenecks and inefficiencies and the recommendation of processes and systems. This service consists of requirements gathering, analysis and documentation.

Web application development

Organizations that perform business in highly specialized areas sometimes require custom systems to improve performance. Apextech develops custom web applications to meet very specific needs that are accessible from a desktop or over the internet. We use agile development methodology, and our services consist of project planning, requirements gathering, application and database development, testing, training and documentation.

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Overwhelmed by technology?

Evolution – In the last 25 years, technology has evolved from the esoteric to the essential, permeating our sense of self. From expensive and isolated to pervasive and unavoidable, technology now dictates our behavior rather than augmenting our abilities.
Promise – The adoption and integration of technology in the workplace has always been justified by the efficiencies to be gained, most recently the immediacy and access to virtually everyone and everything.
Overwhelm – Recent studies indicate though, that information overflow and the pervasiveness of technology is actually resulting in a loss of productivity and creativity while increasing stress and workplace dissatisfaction. The sense of overwhelm is becoming acute.
Value  – The most valuable component in any organization regardless of assets, are the people that constitute the organization. Human vision, effort, ideas, creativity and involvement provide the unique value which defines the organization. Paradoxically it is now the wide-scale use of technology that presents the greatest threat to the value and well-being of most organizations.
Challenge – How to reclaim this most valuable asset – the creative and productive power of the organizational workforce? How to shape the technologies that we have all become dependent on such that they live up to the promise while avoiding the overwhelm?
Solution – Apextech suggests technology works best when well adapted to the user and task at hand. That well implemented and managed technology can be used to limit the impact of, well, technology! The Tao suggests a balance in the universe and in finding that balance everything is possible, but in lacking balance, nothing is truly possible. Our goal is to help our clients find the balance that makes them comfortable and successful.