Apextech NGO services

Apextech understands NGOs. We provide customized and comprehensive services to address your specific needs.


More than ever, NGOs are exposed to constantly emerging security threats. Your mission’s success depends on specialized cybersecurity skills that are rarely available in small to medium organizations. Our expert team brings the experience, unique skills and dedicated attention that used to be exclusively reserved for big enterprises. Our team members carry the leading industry certifications and are available on demand to protect your mission.

Integrate, Consolidate and Close on Time

Close your books efficiently with a solution developed for NGOs that lets you adapt and integrate with your field accounting environment.

FARIS (Field Accounting, Reporting and Integration System) is a browser based solution that integrates QuickBooks in the field resulting in the ability to efficiently transfer data from the field to HQ for the month end close. FARIS is a comprehensive solution which adapts to the custom needs of NGOs.

  • Integration with multiple QuickBooks companies and versions
  • Multi-currency conversion
  • Multi-language support
  • Data validation
  • Journal entry automation
  • Automated cost allocations
  • Consolidated reporting
  • HQ/Field cash flow reporting
  • Automated export of data for HQ
  • Donor/Grant/Contract reporting
  • Capability to operate in environments with limited internet connectivity

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ERP System Implementation: HQ and Field

Setting up an ERP system that can accommodate the mission, donor and government requirements of the field and HQ offices, as well as being fully compliant with audit requirements, is critical to measuring the effectiveness of organizational objectives. Our services related to ERP systems consist of:

  • Chart of account design and setup
  • Setup of modules/subsidiary ledgers
  • Data conversion
  • Report development and customization
  • Software updates and installation
  • Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL, Quickbooks and Epicor implementation and support

Visit our Accounting and Financial systems page to see more services.

Contract and Grant Reporting

Timely reporting of direct and indirect costs associated with contracts and grants is essential to comply with requirements established by government, local and private donors. This leads to a better understanding of rate structures for competitive purposes, contract and grant compliance and effective cash management. Apextech provides the following services related to contract and grant reporting:

  • Implementation of analytical contract and grant reporting system
  • Development of life of project reports
  • Dashboard development

Cost Allocations

Apextech automates cost allocations to contracts and grants, which eliminates manual efforts, improves data accuracy and resulting in consistent and reliable financial data. We offer:

  • PayAdjust, an automated labor allocation software (works with any timekeeping and payroll system)
  • Automated allocation of core and overhead costs to field offices
  • Any custom cost allocation process can be automated


Apextech provides training on systems and processes related to financial operations.  We have experience in providing end user training worldwide (most recently in Africa and Asia), including:

  • Development of training materials
  • Development of curriculum
  • Conducting onsite training workshops
  • Conducting online training seminars

Lost in the cloud?

Cloud computing is, without a doubt, the most impactful change in technology facing organizations today. It’s powerful, flexible, confusing and ever-changing. Whether you use SharePoint and Office 365 or Google Suite, the challenge is the same: How to make your workflow work?

The potential for universal and immediate access to organizational information is a real and compelling reason that NGOs must include cloud computing in their technology plan. The promise can fade quickly however, replaced by the same frustration technology often invokes. In most cases the problem is not the technology but rather the execution. Cloud service providers do everything possible to ensure their systems work—it is the border between hosted services and client legacy systems, between different cloud providers, between the provider and the NGO that are almost always the challenge.

The benefits and issues are myriad—from connectivity and security to integration and development. Working in the cloud can be a two-edged sword. Proper understanding of the benefits and issues is essential to gain the value of the cloud while avoiding the pitfalls.

Apextech provides the expert guidance and assistance needed in order to avoid the frustration, resolve the challenges, and realize the potential of cloud computing. Whether evaluating a migration to cloud computing, or already in the cloud and interested in enhancing the functionality of your hosted resources, Apextech can help.

Please contact Fred Persi at fpersi@apextechllc.com or (703) 253-9721 for more information.