Apextech is part of Concur‘s Global Alliance Network. By combining Concur’s expertise in business process automation with our key competencies, we ensure that you receive best-of-breed solutions that deliver rapid ROI, bottom-line savings and increased employee productivity.

What is Concur?

Concur’s cloud-based business services make it simple to manage travel and expenses.

Apextech partner Concur travel booking

Book Travel

Simplify the booking experience and help your organization reduce costs. The Concur booking tool makes business travel a snap with customized options that align with your company policies. You can also upload electronic folios directly to expense reports.

  • Book travel on the go.
  • Largest global travel booking system built for companies.
  • E-receipt integration
  • Familiar & simple user experience
  • Built-in policies to direct spend
  • Vendor management and discounts
  • Exclusive access to Direct Connect fares (Southwest Airlines, Air Canada, etc.)
Apextech partner Concur expense management

Manage Expenses

Improve productivity, compliance and control over business expenses. Concur provides full visibility into spending and the ability to ensure policy and regulatory compliance. Plus, it’s all paperless so you can ditch the spreadsheets and pitch the pesky receipts.

  • Create and approve from your mobile device
  • Instant receipt capture and match
  • Reconciliation with imported credit card data
  • Visibility as spend happens
  • Policy control
  • Approval workflows
  • Real-time insight into spending
Apextech partner Concur invoice expense reporting

Track invoices

Automate accounts payable and get full visibility into spend. With Concur, tedious approval and payment processes are a thing of the past, regardless of what system you’re currently using. Concur also provides total insight into spending.

  • Flexible invoice capture and PO match
  • Intuitive purchase request
  • Review and approve via mobile device
  • Robust workflows for approval and allocations
  • Payment processing via ACH, checks and credit cards
  • Insightful data and analysis
  • Track progress of payment via Supplier Portal

How Apextech works with Concur

Apextech’s Connector for Concur allows for a bi-directional flow of data between Concur and ERP/HR systems like Blackbaud, Deltek, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, Ultipro and ADP. It uses Concur web services to seamlessly connect invoice, expense, project assignments and employee information. Connector for Concur gets invoice and expense transaction information from Concur and integrates that data with ERP systems, eliminating the need for complex data manipulations. Project codes and employee information can also be sent to Concur from ERP/HR systems. This allows for customers’ employees, projects and assignments to be available and updated in the Concur invoice and expense modules. And because the system resides on the Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, no software needs to be installed.

Connector for Concur by Apextech