We have two labor categories within the ROTC contract: Senior Military Science Instructor (SMSI) and Military Science Instructor (MSI). The types of duties and responsibilities equate generally to those of Assistant Professor of Military Science (APMS) and Enlisted Instructor (EI) on the Active Duty side.

General duties are similar in that Instructors teach, coach, mentor, counsel and guide Cadets through the US Army Cadet Command curriculum and all training (garrison and field) requirements from their Freshman through their Senior (or Graduate) years at selected Colleges and Universities across the country. Instructors can also perform some staff functions and additional duties (company mentor, Ranger Challenge, Drill & Ceremony, Color Guard, etc.).

SMSI: These positions must be filled by former Army Officers from the military. Their military status can be Retired, Drilling Reservist or Guardsmen, Inactive Ready Reserve, or any of these within the last 5 years from that status.

MSI: These positions must be filled by former NCOs or higher from the military. Military status is the same as above.

Please call the PM Recruiters for more information and job vacancies: