Providing a seamless, two-way sync between Concur, Blackbaud and HR.

Apextech Concur Connector for Blackbaud


pextech’s Connector for Concur & Blackbaud seamlessly integrates invoice, expense, project codes and HR data between Concur, Blackbaud Financial Edge and HR systems such as ADP and Ultipro via a bi-directional sync. The Connector for Concur & Blackbaud uses Concur web services to seamlessly connect with invoice, expense, project assignments and employee information—eliminating manual data manipulations. And because the system resides on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, no software needs to be installed.

Connector for Concur & Blackbaud can handle a variety of mapping rules and logic to transform source data into financial transactions that can be consumed by the general ledger and accounts payable modules or payroll systems. Inter-company, personal and company credit card transactions are managed with ease.

New employee, supervisor and employee changes can be integrated from ADP, Ultipro or other HR systems with Concur, eliminating the need to enter employee data in multiple systems.


  • Expense reports
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Project codes
  • Policy control
  • Receipt and invoice images
  • Users

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